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The online platform for guided language exchange.

The kick-off meeting took place in Greifswald on 23 and 24 November 2012.

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Project period:

SEAGULL is funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programm with a budget of 408.448€.

Project description:
The global labour market and the internationalisation of research projects bring with them certain demands. More and more companies and universities require their employees and students to adapt to a multicultural environment and to speak various languages. This creates a need for new dynamic concepts of language learning. The project aims to support tandem learning in various ways.
The first task of the project consortium is to create a virtual learning platform which provides references to effective independent learning methods and links to grammatical explanations of the various languages.
The second task is the development of topic sheets for communicative activities in all the languages involved. These topic sheets function as a basis for the conversations in Language Learning Partnerships (LLP or Tandem) in which the participants can communicate with each other to learn the other’s language. They also serve as a guideline for a variety of topics and grammar structures according to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The topic sheets will be accompanied by handouts including advice on didactics and specific language phenomena, and therefore enable each partner to teach his/her mother tongue. We expect the partners’ exchange to go beyond merely language learning, also providing ways of introduction to another culture and way of life and thinking.
The third task is to advertise the platform throughout the region of each partner. The network is open to integrate other partners as well as other languages.
Those interested can apply through an electronic database. The pairing of the tandem partners will be carried out and supported by the University of Greifswald. The participating institutions will enter into agreements about taking exams and certifying language levels achieved through the tandem programme.

Activities and tasks:
• Establishment of a platform for independent learning for each language
• Definition of criteria for topic sheets (content, layout, intercultural competence etc.)
• Development of the materials
• Design of a homepage for distribution and advertisement
• Development of a strategy for the distribution and use of the project results
• Evaluation

Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, and Turkish

Project partners:
University of Greifswald
University of Rostock
University of Potsdam
University of Hamburg/Konfuzius Institut
Vytautas Magnus University Kaunas
Lund University
Lorraine University Nancy
AtatĂĽrk University Erzurum
University of Bialystok
Queen Mary University of London
Universidad Politecnia de Madrid
Universidad Nacional de EducatiĂłn a Distancia Madrid
University of Halle/Wittenberg
VHS Greifswald
Institute Albert le Grand
Bremen University
Kant Baltic Federal State University Kaliningrad
Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas
Acadia University Wolfville
Batna University

Project coordinator
PD Dr. Heidrun Peters
Tel: +49 (0)3834-863475

Project manager
Katja Thevs
Lebenslanges Lernen
With the support of the Lifelong Learning Programm of the European Union.


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